Government jobs vs private jobs

Government Jobs VS Private Jobs. Detailed Comparison.

Government jobs vs private jobs

Nowadays people are taking 4 – 5 years off of their time to crack the government job exams after their 12th and graduation. They study constantly for hours just to crack an Exam which will give them a secure Sarkari/ Govt job.

Even though there are only a few Vacancies in particular recruitment drives, Lacs of people fills the form just in the hope of getting a govt job. Now, govt job like a Beautiful and hot girl, everyone yearns for but only the lucky ones get it.

Landing a govt job is very very hard in today’s era and why shouldn’t it be? You get Higher Remuneration, peaceful environment, govt quarters to live, travel allowances, and most importantly Job security. Your job is secure for a lifetime no matter what happens.

But does it mean that a private job is worthless? well, Lots of people are in the dilemma of ”Government Jobs VS Private Jobs” So, let’s compare both the government jobs and private jobs in this article.

So, let’s just start this debate of Government Jobs VS Private Jobs with

Government Jobs VS Private Jobs: A detailed comparison

Government Jobs: Pros and Cons

The Pros Of A Govt Job


Have you ever saw an IPS or an Army Officer? Wow! Those shiny medals and stars on their shoulders. Their status is completely different. Even a CEO cannot match the prestige they get.

No matter how much money you earn in a private job you cannot match the prestige of a high-level govt employee.

Better salaries and Little Work.

Government employees like teachers and clerks enjoy a far better life than their private sector counterparts.

Imagine you are a teacher in a government school. You start at 40,000 per month and retire at 1.2 lakh per month. You take 3 or 4 classes every day & enjoy numerous allowances and paid holidays. And in the private sector?

Frankly, In the Private sector, Your company will exploit you and will make you work for 8-12 hours nonstop. On top of that NO HOLIDAYS sometimes you won’t even get off on weekends.

Don’t expect any special treatment. Expect a poor salary and long working hours If you are not talented enough.

Guaranteed Monthly Salary

In the time of Economic slump and Industrial slowdowns, Most of the MNCs starts firing or laying off their employees because they have no money to pay for salaries.

Just take the example of Kingfisher, AskmeBazaar and Jet Airways that left thousands of people unemployed.

While in a government job, your monthly salary is guaranteed to be deposited in your bank account on time regardless of what is happening outside.

In fact, while preparing the budget, the government first grants funds for all Government jobs and then allocates the remaining funds for other public welfare schemes.

In simple words, from the budget, first Government employees would be paid and if the money is left then it will go for other schemes.

Hence, In a govt job, an employee is paid regularly on time regardless of economics and industrial slowdowns.

Lifelong Pension

After the age of 50, your body starts to go down the line, you start feeling like taking a rest from everything. Turning 50 is the time when you should take retirement. But how would you take care of your expenses now? Did you get any retirement funds or pension? Obviously NO.

The best thing about a govt job is that you get a lifelong pension after your retirement. This is the main reason why our parents prefer government jobs in the debate of ”Government Jobs VS Private Jobs”.

Your future is insured with the pension you will get after your retirement. You don’t even need to worry about working somewhere else for your day to day expenses.

You and your spouse will enjoy the pension till one of you is alive. In case If one partner dies then the other one will get half of the pension amount.

While, In private jobs, there is no such thing as a pension, only your monthly salary, and EPF.

Low pressure and Less Workload

The workload and the pressure are relatively low in a govt job in comparison to a private job. Usually, there are no deadlines so you can take your time to do a particular work. On top of that, there is no boss over your head who always oversees your work quality.

In a private job you get paid only when you work. The workload in a private company is too much and you have to work for 8 to 10 hours.

Your every activity is monitored by the manager and if he is not satisfied with your work or the work is not up to the mark then you will be fired for sure.

While In a government job, once you got the job no one can fire you Unless you do some Dragon level Crime(Pun intended). The workload in government jobs is quite low and you really enjoy the work environment.

So, Ultimately in a Sarkari Naukri, there is no such thing as tension and workload.

Greater Social Acceptability

A Government employee gets great social acceptability. A guy who is a govt employee gets a lot of respect in society as compared to a man who is working in a private organization.

Even today, respect and Social acceptability is still an important factor for a lot of peoples. That’s why your mom and dad says that you will get a good wife if you become a govt employee (Its no joke)

Tons of Free Facilities and Allowances

A government employee gets a free house(usually called quarter), Free medical facilities (in most of the Government Jobs (i.e army), Children’s education allowances, TA/DA and much more.

You get govt quarters to live wherever you are posted throughout the country.

While in the private sector you don’t get anything for granted. you have to pay for your own expenses be it home, children”s fee or anything else.

What you earn monthly in a private job, half of it will go in paying rent, children’s fees, and medical expenses however if you are in govt job you don’t have to worry about anything.

From pension to government quarters, from free medical facilities to children’s education, Most of your heavy expenses are covered by govt.

Now Let’s Talk About The Cons Of A Govt Job

Work Environment

While most of the people like the work environment of government offices, Some people also complain about it. They say that the work environment in government offices is loafing and only a handful of employees do their work on time.

No Appraisals

You work hard, you put everything to get the work done and henceforth you expect appraisals and bonuses for your hard work and dedication. But evaluations say that in the government jobs, the hard work of employees always goes unnoticed.

Low success rate

Although you can find thousands of government job openings daily but getting one is a tough deal. why? because you’re not the only one who wants a govt job. On an average 3000 people apply for 1 govt job vacancy.

Recently over 7000 engineers, graduates applied for 549 sanitary worker posts and Over 2.8 crore people applied for 90,000 railways jobs. You can find hundreds of cases like these on a daily basis.

On top of that, the selection process is long and cumbersome. Even if you luckily get in the merit list, you may have to wait for 1 year(sometimes 2 or even 3 years) to actually get that job.

And in a worst-case scenario, If you don’t get selected or that particular vacancy gets canceled, you have just wasted your precious time.

No New Opportunities and Challenges

Once you get into a govt job your life will become lethargic and constant without any new opportunities and challenges. It will be the same repetitive job every single day with no new thing to learn and grow.

Well, Enough of government jobs, Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of the private sector to take this debate of Government Jobs VS Private Jobs forward.

BTW a government job is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires constant hard work, Failures, patience and sometimes even luck.

Private Jobs: Pros and Cons

Pros Of Private Jobs

Mostly Higher Salaries

In today’s financial world, money is the most significant source of motivation and a private-sector job gives you exactly that.

The salaries in private jobs are often high as compared to Government Jobs however you don’t get those flashy allowances but yes, you can easily out-earn those as well.

Even the highest paying Sarkari jobs will give you 1.5 lacs per month at most (which is like less than 5% government jobs). However, in the private sector, only the sky is limit.

Each and Everyday Is Adventurous & Challenging

In a private job, each and every day is waiting with a lot of opportunities, adventures, and challenges for you. Every day you wake up excited to see what challenges your job has in store for you.

These challenges help you to grow and find various opportunities that you definitely won’t get in a govt job.

Government jobs are boring as you’ve to do the same thing again and again.


Work-culture in a private-sector job is completely different. Your work profile changes and you work in a strict environment that helps you grow your skills and hence you make progress in your career.

Moreover, the experts or colleagues that you work with also impacts your life. You can constantly learn something new from them. The overall work environment in a private job is very exhilarating.


In private jobs, your work and your growth are directly linked. The better your work is, the greater your growth will be. If you are dedicated to your work, you love your work and have good skills, then there is no one who can stop you from getting to the next level.

Your hard work and potentials will be noticed and you will be promoted to the next level.while in Government Jobs there is no one to appreciate your hard work and henceforth you don’t get any promotion for your skills but for your experience.

Better Growth

In Private jobs, there is someone always watching your work(usually manager) and he makes sure that you complete your work effectively and efficiently in the given time.

When someone watches over, the quality of your work improves automatically. and hence this helps you grow your skills and also helps to improve on an individual level.


You can easily get a promotion in a private job if you are skilled enough. It doesn’t matter what your age or experience is, you can easily become a top-level employee if you have the skills.

While in Government Jobs you don’t get promotions on the basis of skills, you get promotions on the basis of experience and service tenure.

Cons Of Private Jobs

No Pension

As I already said you don’t get any pension in a private job. While in Government Jobs you will get a monthly pension till the day you die.

No Job security

Imagine you are a regular business executive in a private company and your boss found someone who is more talented than you then what do you expect him to do? giving the salary to both of you? Nah, buddy, your boss will fire you without a second thought.

And in times of Recession, thousands of peoples working in the private sector lose their jobs bcoz their company doesn’t have enough money to pay for the salaries.

The private sector is like an overpopulated country and where you are easily replaceable. Your company can get way more talented and hard-working employees the instant you leave.

However, when it comes to Government Jobs vs private jobs, your job is as secure as the life of the prime minister of the country in government jobs. No one can fire you. Even if you get caught in some kind of malpractice, all they can do is suspend you.


Organizations in the private sector always work on deadlines so, holidays are limited. If your work doesn’t get completed before or on deadlines, then you might also have to work on public holidays for hell long hours.

The choice of going for a private or a govt job totally depends on an individual’s taste, preferences, skills, and mindset. Some people may find a govt job better while for some people the private sector is best.

A Quick Review of Government Jobs VS Private Jobs :

Government Jobs VS Private Jobs
Government Jobs VS Private Jobs

To summarise this Comparision of Government Jobs VS Private Jobs, I will say choose a private job if you are

  • Strong in Decision making.
  • Likes to face challenges in day to day life
  • Can adapt to various situations quickly.
  • Have good Managerial and Communication skills.
  • Hard worker or smart worker.
  • Looking for Money.
  • Looking for Fast Career Growth.

And a govt job if you are

  • Looking for Job security.
  • Looking for a decent Salary.
  • Looking for status in society.
  • Looking for a Simple Life.
  • Want to work for the country.
  • Don’t want much stress.